Prepared Motions for Africa Open 2020

Prepared Motions for Africa Open 2020

Round 1: This House Believes that the International Criminal Court Should Prosecute Countries that are the highest contributers to Global Warming

Round 2: This House will make the requirements for being admitted to study a teaching degree more (ie. Higher points of entry, less entries to study teaching, reduction of teaching colleges)

Round 3: Impromptu

Round 4: Impromptu

Round 5: This House Will outlaw widespread eating of exotic animals (bats, snails) that cause lethal diseases (Coronavirus, SARS)

Quarterfinals: This House Believes that the South African Government has not done enough to protect Africans against xenophobic attacks

Semifinals: This House Prefers a system where International Universites Establish Campuses in Tanzania instead of students going to study abroad

Finals: This House Believes that Tanzania should consider extending the length of a presidents tenure from 5 years to 10 years for consistent policies to be sustained.